Time to go.

Wise and Peace lodgeAround February 2013 I was layed off from my previous job. I had big plans but needed that steady income to support it. During my interviews they asked me what I would do if they discontinued my contract. I answered honestly that I would be fed up of the world being against me. That I’dd pack my bags, go abroad and figure it out from there. Looking back now I’m glad my contract wasn’t extended and I think my lingering feelings, to get out of the country for a while, appealed to them.
So it happened, I took all my remaining leave days so they’dd pay me for a while longer. In the meantime I was hired by a South African temp agency to work at a callcenter. ‘Why not?’ I asked myself and hopped on a plane to the other side of the world. The time I spend unemployed I spend with my friends. My flight got delayed a couple of times so I went to parties in between. Everytime partied as if it were my last. What a great time.

I was picked up by someone from a hostel and a day later I met two of my future co-workers –> guys to share an appartment with and eventually good friends.

After a long sleepy training and tedious procedures for access rights we were put to work. Soon I realized that I needed something to stay sane. We’re not allowed to use the internet, so that’s that… No playing games, which I didn’t care about for a while since those standard windows games get boring quickly. So you´re stuck with the basic tools, with no means to get anything more fun, but one of those is a text editor. I thought ´Why not start my long lost project all over?´.


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