Making ‘Sacrifices’

Ushaka waterpark, DurbanA couple more months have passed, but nothing much happened in the last few. In the beginning studd went fast. Moved in with two complete strangers, went to Swaziland for a festival in the African Bush and then nothing. I had a dream… At work I was fine, bussy writing, but not wanting to take it outside of work. For that I had a different plan. The reason why I was basically doing nothing was $$. Back home I had a motorcycle and with such great weather I just had to get one to drive around with. Winter passed and people started to live more outdoors (in my Dutch opinion the winter felt like summer to) so stuff was happening. I decided to be less distant and participate here and there.
My motorcycle funds were quickly gone, but I had a great time. Writing suffered a blow as well, since I found out to install a ton of LINUX games without breaking the rules 😉 Eventually I got bored but that took a while. Before the Christmas Holidays I managed to get something done regarding the 30 000 words I had written, but not much was added. My vacation was approaching and I wanted it to be epic.


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