Great Times

Nelson Mandela SquareSo I’ve been staying in South Africa (Johannesburg to be a bit more specific) for quite a while now. The appartment feels like home, the weather is great (and the thunderstorms shortlived but awesome) and I’m enjoying my time. Since I’m from The Netherlands, and my birthday is on November 18th, I’ve never experienced a sunny b-day. Up untill now and I planned to make the best of it. The weekend before (My B-day was on a monday so I took a day off) we partied, braai-ed and chilled alongside the pool with some nice toxicating consumables. It was starting to be good end of 2013. The day itself I spend being a tourist in the place a called home and spoiled myself. A bit more work and Chistmas was right around the corner. It felt awesome to be able to take a dive in the pool on christmas eve and spend the holidays outdoors. Also partied in a township where I was the only white guy on the streets, and that was something different. Still great though. For New Years I went to Botswana and if you’dd ask my friend what happened there she’s summarize; ‘Life. Life happened.’ So it did. Slowly but surely the enjoyable time was coming to an end and work was waiting again. My intentions, start writing again. But then shit hit the fan…


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