Helldesk, counting down the days

Yeah I said it, HELLDESK!

In my previous post I stated that shit hit the fan and it certainly did. Since I came back from Botswana it has been very busy at work. Even the late shifts, which used to be quiet and provided me with time to write, are swamped with phone calls. For writing it means I haven’t written anything, except for a few minor revisions, in the weeks since New Years.

Why don’t you write in your free time?

People keep asking me. Well I’m in South-Africa with limited time and want to experience that. Besides, smoking in the middle of the night at the pool with no one around is very inspirational. The process keeps going, just nothing gets added to the actual book.
I was counting down, just a few more months before hell on work would end, because I’m about to leave soon, but we needed something to stay sane. So, together with 2 friends from the helldesk we went to the Victoria Falls on the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia. It was breath taking.

I imagined this is what the people in the dark ages must have thought about the edge of the world.


The journey with buses and trains was an adventure in itself and I came back to my South African home full of inspiration.

Hell goes on though. The burning fires of calls cue-ing and team-leaders begging you to work even harder is becoming too much. The company broke too many promises and my motivation is still plummeting.

I thought it couldn’t go any lower, but it still does. Luckily I’ve got only 15 more working days to go before the end of my contract and the start of a big road-trip through South Africa…



  1. Interesting stuff must say you have that affect in your writing that really wants a reader to read further to read whats gonna happen next, if you never left SA i would never had checked your profile and seen this .Can you believe it? I cant believe that I never checked your profile, well maybe because you never checked mine lol

    1. Hey Halbede, only recently started blogging and still figuring this thing out πŸ˜‰
      Thanks for the compliment though, its an honor to receive such remakrs and I’ll definitely check out yours πŸ™‚

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