Martin is one of the main characters. He’s just an average Joe, slightly tall with dark hair and blue eyes. Not a sportsman, but loves to be around his friends and family. His great passion is driving a motorcycle. So after middleschool that was what he first wanted to pursue. Living with some close friends in a student apartment he works a full time job in order to pay for his bachelor lifestile. He works hard, but not for saving. Martin lives in the now and tries to make the most of it. Since he’s still young and trying to find his place in a fast moving world, he doesn’t always cope well but manages nevertheless.

Upon arriving in Orion he’s confused and unwilling to accept the situation, although he survives the first few days pretty well. When he gets confronted with the reality of his bizarre situation he first tries to make sence of it using the knowledge he has. Knowledge from a world he’s no longer at. Getting to know Mythas he fiends himself a weird friend, a valuable one at that since he knows the way for him to get back home.

His magical potential makes him a great asset for Mythas, although he needs a lot of work. Not even being able to grasp the basics at first, his mentor has to use unorthodox means to get his young disciple to his full potential. Not being taken by the magical inquisition when he was a boy, means he doesn’t carry the seal to keep him in check.



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