End of an Era, the beginning of a new journey

Its the end of an Era for me as well as the main character in the book I’m writing.

Martin’s journey is finally taking off. After 37000 words he has left the relative safety of his new found mentors home. They’ve just embarked on their journey to get Martin back home.


Next Monday is my last day at work and after that I’ll be on a road trip from Johannesburg, to Kruger National Park, to the coast and then all the way to Cape Town, where we’ll be staying a couple of days before going back to Jo’Burg. There we’ll say our goodbyes to our new found friends, to fly back on April 19th.

Pool at Home

A place of serenity that will be dearly missed.

On one side I’m very much looking forward to going back to The Netherlands and see my parents, sister, friends and family again. I’ll be lived by social pleasantries and spend my time writing, driving on my motorcycle (I’ve missed that so much!), partying like crazy and job hunting…

South Africa has been good to me. I’ve met a lot of new interesting people, found my passion in writing again and skipped a winter depression 😉 So now I just have to drag myself through the last couple of days at work, throw a going away party and then hit the road.

I’ll miss my home here, but will be taking back some wonderful memories 🙂


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