Hi Everyone,

My name is Tim, and I’m (amongst other things) a startup writer. This blog is my first attempt at making the public aware of my efforts of writing my first novell.

Since I’m a Dutch native speaker I started out writing in that language. Also I was 15 when I put down the first words and my English hadn’t developed as far as it has now. So for now I’ll be doing the book in Dutch, but the blog in English, makes sense right?

So let’s go back 10 years, to my happy 15 year old self. I was doing fine in school and life seemed effortless. Offcourse I had my ups and downs and received punishment every now and then. One day we had to do an assignment for Dutch class.

Homework was not something I usually did, but I loved that assignment. We had to finish a short story, so we all set out with the same piece of text and let our fantasy do the rest. I loved the assignment, but forgot to hand it in. As punishment (I absolutely did not regard it as punishment) I had to write some more.

After we received back our assignments, the teacher told me I should do something with it. So after that day I did not attend class in a normal manner, I was writing a book. Every time when the teacher was explaining something I would pay attention. Apart from that I would be in my own world, writing. This went on untill the end of middle school.

Life happened. I won’t go in to detail but there were some very good things and bad things and my writing stopped. I climbed out of a dark place and got a decent job after failing a few studies. I worked hard and played hard, then got layed off and found myself at a crossroads. Go to a temp agency and see where I’dd end up from there or take a break and go abroad. I chose the latter

I found an IT Tech Support job in a Callcenter in Johannesburg South-Africa quite quickly and flew off to adventure. But having to start at the bottom and receiving problems I could solve in my sleep I quickly got bored. Time to start a project to keep myself busy. So I started from scratch to get rid of my more childish writings and redo the whole thing. I’m now over 35000 further and about halfway the story.

My resolution for 2014 –> Finish my 10 year project when I go back home in a few weeks time.






  1. Excellent! Your English is actually pretty darn good and you do a lot better than quite a few “native” American writers and bloggers. I was impressed when you mentioned your novel is in Dutch and your blog in English. Way to keep up your language skills. On a minor side note, we had a Dutch exchange student in 1992-1993 which our family did enjoy and he had visited my parents on Kauai (Hawaii) a few times. Looking forward to exploring your blog!

    1. And I noticed I should hav proofread my post a little bit more before hitting the post button. Oh well! Typical “lazy” American!

      1. And proofread this this one as well 😉 But I’m not going to judge people on their language skills. At this time I’m happy with all meaningful comments and yours was the first 😀 (Since I’m not counting the ones from my granny asking about my day and such)

    2. Hey Kevin, thanks a lot 🙂
      It is always nice to have new people checking out my blog so kuddo’s for you 😀
      Off course another thank you is in order for you complementing me on my above average English skills.

      P.S. you’re worthless advice blog is quite funny 😉 Keep it up

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