Chapter Summaries

Chapter One

Chapter one is the introduction chapter for the main character, called Martin. He wakes up after a motorcycle accident in a woodland area which he is unfamilair with. Slightly injured and low on resources he sets out to retrace his steps, since he doesn’t remember the accident. After a couple of tough days he sets up camp by a small creek. In the middle of the night he wakes up for a strange encounter which renders him unconscious.

The chapter only introduces the main character and tries to give you the same confused state of mind as Martin, leaving you with a mystery in the end.

Chapter Two

A girl wakes up screaming in the middle of the night after having a bad dream. Cithea’s magical shackles glow and burn slightly on her arm. She knows she’ll be punished for using magic, so she goes outside to clear her head, during which she encounters her mentor ‘Ohrad’. She knows she has to get her powers under control, or she’ll never be allowed to leave the magical institution she’s ‘imprisoned’ in.

Chapter Three

Switching back to Martin’s perspective, he finds himself waking up in a strange bed with a massive headache. In a confused state he meets the man who supposedly saved him. Impossible to communicate due to a language barrier, Martin is tricked in a ritual that enables the old man to probe his mind in order to learn his language. Everything seems so different than what he is used to, that he starts to think he’s thrown in to some reality tv show.

Chapter Four

Chapter four shows more about Cithea’s life in general and about her disability to control her power, whatever that may be. The institution is preparing for festivities where graduates are allowed to leave, after having proven they’re able to control their powers in order not to be a danger to society. After her best friend Noeresj asks her out on a date, they encounter Ohrad at the festival. Right after that he suddenly has stuff to do and leaves the party.

Chapter Five

Mythas promises Martin to help him get back home to his own world. Teaching him as much as he can and putting Martin through rigorous magical training. He tries to prepare the young man for the long journey they’re about to embark on.

Chapter Six

Cithea learns that an amulet she got from her mother when she was just a little girl is more than meets the eye. Discovering there’s a link between the amulet and the vision like dreams she’s been having most of her life, she learns from Ohrad there’s a duplicate. He knows it is a potentially dangerous artefact which needs to be secured and asks Cithea to provide him with information to start a search.

Chapter Seven

Myhtas and Martin are having this nasty feeling they’re being watched and decide that the training needs to be completed on the road. The old man also tells his apprentice about the mechanisms which are in place to keep magicians in check. Mythas is also on the most wanted list in the country they reside in. Because of the bounty on his head he’s unable to use any magic outside his well protected home, without setting off some dangerous bells.

Chapter Eight

A mini chapter to break the Martin, Cithea routine. It sets off with a cloacked man going to what appears to be his superior. They’re talking about a total failure with an unforseen side-effect, which was highly important to their cause but turns out te be insignificant to the grand scheme of things.


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