Orion is the name of the world where my fantasy story plays out.

The known world of Orion consists of a large diverse continent.  Most of it is surrounded by a vast ocean, especially in the north and east. Some vulcanic islands can be found near the ‘Great Barrier’ which has been erected by the New Gods in order to keep the former rulers out. These Islands are home to most of the surviving dragons and is also a weak spot in the fabric of space. It is said that was the portal for the New Gods.

The Great Barrier divides the continent from the rest of the mainlaind. Its layout has been lost throughout the ages since none of the liberated species are able to cross the barrier and return to tell the tale.

In the south there’s an inner sea with countless islands and reefs, making navigating ships through it very difficult. Beyond the islands is an other large, more exotic piece of the world. Very little is known about this other continent, but adventurers and fortune seekers do travel to these distant lands.

The southern part of the continental peninsula, where the story starts, is home to the human race. Divided by different borders, religions and beliefs they occasionally struggle with eachother. The Northeast houses the great forrests of Orion and with it the Elves. The northwestern part is home to the Tagros. These lands are mostly comprised of desert like terrain, with a small mountain range in its center.

The individual countries are mainly split by a large mountain range stretching from east to west. Numerous rivers find their origin in this mountain range as well as ruines dating back eons.



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