Back to Work

Damn you life, I need to write! *edit*

Hi folks,

So my previous post was a 2014 recap, that ship has sailed many months ago but is still taking up my ‘last post’ space. Why? Because I’ve been so caught up in things that need or have to be done I don’t have much to report on my writing.

The short version is that I haven’t written a single word contributing directly to the story. Something which pains me big time. Last January, when I was visiting London, I bought myself an old fashioned notebook, which I carry around every day. Even though I’m an IT guy it feels satisfying to actually put stuff down on paper.

When I look back to the things that I’ve added the last couple of months I’ve got a slight bit of hope that I’ll be finishing my story eventually. Besides the countless To-Do’s we all have, there’s actual story material there. That little notebook is my lifeline to writing. It is always there and ready to preserve my many brain farts in written form.

Work is chaotic at best and on top of that I’ve started a small business with some friends. social obligations take up a lot of time as well and I’m in full bro-support mode for the last couple of weeks. Apart from that I like to think that I’m entitled to a bit of ‘me’ time to recharge my batteries and when all those things have been taken care of it sometimes feels as if I have to start over that whole process again.

So I’m sorry if you were hoping for the next big thing. For now I just have to cross of the next thing from my To-Do list: Buy a new motorcycle, because I managed to break my first loyal steel steed…

Motorcycleblood alongside the freeway.

Motorcycleblood alongside the freeway.

New Bike!

New Bike! I’ll call him Bumblebee.

But peeps, there’s always hope no matter what your goals are. As long as you keep your little lifeline to the things you want to do most, eventually you’ll get to the end of that seemingly endless tunnel.

Everyone thanks for your support in likes, follows and comments for now 🙂 Time to get to the end of the tunnel. *edit: added picture of new bike*


Time Flies

Time flies, that’s for sure. I’m already back for over 2 months but sometimes it still feels as if I’ve landed only yesterday. Life goes on though. Past week I had a job interview with my former employer and they’re happy to have me back, so income has been secured.

Not that I’ve been sitting still. Meeting up with friends and family, fixing PC’s for those people and helping out here and there if I can. All this damages my writing though. Since I came back I finished only one more chapter for my fantasy novell and started a short story which is almost finished.

Deviating from my main story is a good way to improve my writing and do something else for a change. Not that it is becomming dull or anything, but the more you write on a single story the harder it gets to keep going. That is all due to consistency. This is especially true for the little things.

The world I’m writing about is totally made up by me. That might sound easy for some, but when you take a closer look, it has to be right. All the rules regarding magic, religion politics and more have to fit the world and don’t contradict stuff I’ve written earlier. Therefore progress is slow but I’m still happy with the product.

There is thing I’ve tried for a couple of weeks now and really helps me to get stuff done, not just on the writing part. When I go to bed my mind starts to wander, and sometimes there is stuff I should’ve remembered the next day. But because I’m in a half sleep state I always forget. So… I’ve placed some notes and a pen within reach of my comfy pillow. When there’s a brainfart which should stick, I just write it down.

Is there anyone who finds tricks like this one to be helpfull? If so please put them in the comments below 🙂