These mighty creatures are in the nightmares of the gods. They’ve slain many of these theological beings during an ancient war. Although they lost the races they seeded the world with, they haven’t been defeated. The known world ends at their border with a giant magical barriere.

This ‘wall’ has been erected by the gods themselves.




Just your average medieval John and Jane Doe’s. It is mainly the culture and history that differs from our own reality. In short you have two main ‘factions’.

There are the Kingdom folk and the Humandi. The first is more of a traditional kind of culture with a mix of Roman/Greek Culture as well as Dark Age and Renaissance influences.

Their religion is based on Roman and Greek mythology, but I’m trying to give it my own flavor. This faith is what started the ancient war that drove the Orinas from the known world. The more the people believed in these new gods, the more powerful they became.

The Humandi are a different story. Their lifestyles are more connected to that of the Inca’s. An agriculture/warrior race of humans with all sorts of traditions. Since magic is a relatively common practice in their lands, the lords of The Kingdom haven’t dared to conquer their territories.

Getting to know the book world

ImageSo yeah, still haven’t put down any words on the actual story. However I’m working on it. Going away to the other side of the world did make me appreciate even more where I’m from. My home town was founded somwhere in the early middle ages (although there are archealogical finds that the Romans have been here as well), so there’s plenty of history right next door.

Living with my parents brings more freedom than restrictions and so I’m enjoying my stay with them once more. Since I’m a night owl I usually volunteer to walk the dog so my mum can go to bed. Boomer (I didn’t come up with that name) slowly starts to get used to the long evening walks. This is when inspiration strikes me. Walking through the fields and streets which, I imagine, haven’t changed all that much in last centuries give me plenty of inspiration.

Furthermore I went to my old middle school and met up with one of my former Dutch teachers. I was surprised she still recognized me after having seen hundreds if not thousands of faces over the years. We had a quick chat and she agreed to read my first draft when I finish it. Always great to have someone with good knowledge about writing to have a look at it 🙂

Today I visited the local library, where it is also possible to promote your work so when things settle down a bit its time to get cracking 🙂

As always, thanks for reading and any constructive feedback is always welcome (yes even if it is negative).