Just your average medieval John and Jane Doe’s. It is mainly the culture and history that differs from our own reality. In short you have two main ‘factions’.

There are the Kingdom folk and the Humandi. The first is more of a traditional kind of culture with a mix of Roman/Greek Culture as well as Dark Age and Renaissance influences.

Their religion is based on Roman and Greek mythology, but I’m trying to give it my own flavor. This faith is what started the ancient war that drove the Orinas from the known world. The more the people believed in these new gods, the more powerful they became.

The Humandi are a different story. Their lifestyles are more connected to that of the Inca’s. An agriculture/warrior race of humans with all sorts of traditions. Since magic is a relatively common practice in their lands, the lords of The Kingdom haven’t dared to conquer their territories.



Cithea is something else. A misfit amongst misfits. She was taken by the magical inquisition while she was still a little girl. Nowadays she barely remembers her parents, but will never forget the look on her mom’s face when she went away and gave her the amulet.

Magicians are outcasts of society and Cithea has a power totally different from anyone else. Every now and then she sets things on fire by accident and since her powers started to awaken she’s been dreaming about the same place every single night. Her vision like dreams make her use magic in a restricted way, setting of her magical seal.

This inability to control her power during her sleep is what frightens her the most. Being unable to control yourself makes you, per definition, a danger to the outside world. Fearing she’ll be stuck in the magical academy for the rest of her life she turns to her mentor Ohrad for guidance. What they unravel will transfer her entire being.

At school she goes by fairly unnoticed. She doesn’t care what she looks like or what others think of her. Having only a few friends, of which Noeresj is her best, she mainly focusses about getting out of what she considers a prison in disguise. She studies hard and is eager to learn, being amongst the best students of her age, which doesn’t contribute to her popularity.

The one time she does take care of herself it becomes clear she’s a rough diamond. Suddenly the boys are interested in her, but she leaves them be. If she wasn’t good enough before then they’re not good enough now.